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Just as it would be unthinkable to put a size 6 shoe on a size 9 foot, you will never see imperfection in a Barefoot Confidential movie. Neither women with fallen arches not gout not ingrown or yellow stained toenails need apply here. No athlete's foot fungi and certainly no spread piggies with some indecipherable form of aromatic cheese establishing residence in the cracks, either. We offer our Kick Ass product to the highest levels of scrutiny. In a world of badly deformed feet, that's the least we can do. That's our pledge and we abide by it.

These ladies have a mouthful of hot, wet cunt waiting for you but something needs to be done first. They need to clean up that bush! Starring:Rianna Sylk, Coco Butter, Armani,Dick James, Devlin Weed, Burke.

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